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Think about leadership like
an adventure.
It's thrilling.
It will test you.
And, it can be incredibly



Ed here. I’ve been called a coach, an advisor, a consultant, a trainer, a facilitator, and a pest. I’m good with all of those.

You could say I've lived both sides of the leadership equation. For more than 20 years I had the privilege of leading a company. I had good days and I had not so good days, and at the end of the day, those two decades gave me a powerful appreciation for anyone who takes on a leadership role.


So now, I get to play on the other side. I get to work with people like you. For the last – almost 10 years – I've been a coach and advisor to leaders, both well-established execs and also those who are just beginning their journey. I've been a resource for organizations and talent management departments, designing and delivering workshops covering a wide breadth of topics. Most importantly, I am a staunch advocate for leaders who are trying to do the right thing.


What you are doing takes guts. It takes passion. It takes a million things. 

For you. For your team. Because it's important.

Where would you like to be

Get clear.


Goal up.


Say no.






Live & Love.

Be Grateful.

Stay current.

Learn stuff.


Feel it.

Skill build.


Be inspired.​

Choose open.

Network 2022.

Brave it.

Be better.

Culture build.


Live it.



Go big.


Remember why.

Rise together.

Get unstuck.

Goal up.


Be surprised.

Diversity works.



Move aside.

Deliver learning.

Retain talent.

It's 2022.


Grow leaders.

Design culture.

Future build.

Know trust.

IMG_6685 copy.jpg
I think the question is, "What do you want?" What do you want to make happen for yourself? For your people? For the organizations and causes that matter to you?
Once you have clear intent, everything is possible.

"I love Ed's trainings. I always leave with a new understanding and, even more importantly, something to try out in the real world. "

- Chris, DoD

"I did a Road Trip with Ed. Ask him about them. After six weeks on the road (metaphorically), I decided to go after a new job. I never would have applied without the clarity Ed helped me achieve."

- Sandy, now at the new gig

“I get 'Ed time' every other week. I'll keep talking with him as long as I can. Ed helped me launch my business. He holds me accountable."

- Jane, business owner and mom

What's out there.

There is always something new and good out there. Check back here every couple of weeks. I'll post books, articles, podcasts, and other media that has caught my attention. I know, for me, leadership is about always hearing new ideas.

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Think again 2.jpg

My favorite book about time management.

Imagine if we could be excited about being wrong!

A good article on how not to undermine ourselves.

A fantastic and

FREE Personality Assessment.

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