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Meet Ed

Certified Leadership Development Coach

Back in the day, there was a brand called, "Life is Good." The beanie I'm wearing in this photo is a remnant. These days it's been a bit difficult to keep telling ourselves how good life is. Between a pandemic, a divided country, a difficult economy for many, and other real-time challenges, most everyone is dealing with something.

I know I sound like an eternal optimist and maybe a bit naive when I say difficult times give us opportunities. I think it is in times like this when we have an even greater sense of what's important, personally and professionally. It's times like this when we get to explore our work and look at just how fulfilled it makes us. For those in leadership positions, times like this can bring out the best in you, as you merge empathy, action and commitment. 


My coaching, workshop design, and facilitation is all for the purpose of helping you create the impact and change you want to see in your work, your organizations, your lives. Corny, but you might as well know that about me.

I have an MS in Management and Leadership, I'm an ICF- Certified Coach and, as mentioned back on the homepage, I'm a former business owner.


One more thing about the photographs you'll see as you navigate through. In the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to live out one of my lifelong dreams. I traveled the country, solo, on motorcycle. It was 10,000+ miles of seeing the country and meeting people I would have otherwise never met. 

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