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Leaders Road Trip

We've taken the spirit of a true road trip to create an 8-week virtual, group coaching experience that will bring out the best leader in you.

What happens when a group of leaders head out on a road trip?

Put a handful of leaders in the same car and you might think everyone would want to drive. Or at least navigate. Maybe that would have happened in the past, but today's leaders are all about leveraging the expertise of everyone in the room. Or, in this case, the car. This is an eight-week virtual journey for leaders who want to be better than they already are. Leaders who know ongoing learning makes all the difference. Leaders who recognize how comparing notes with people who share the same pressures of leadership can be a career-defining experience.

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Eight weeks that

will evolve you as

a leader.

We didn't want to say change you as a leader. The very fact you're looking into a program like this one demonstrates you already get what leadership is. The responsibilities. The possibilities. This isn't about changing you. It's about stretching you and giving you the opportunity to develop your skills. As John Wooden famously said, "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." 

Why "road trip?" Think back to that epic road trip you took in college. Or the most recent one with family. You learned about each other and you learned about yourself. The things you're good at and the situations you might struggle. You learned new ways to help others and you got better at asking for help yourself. That's what happens here. And it happens because you build trust. You may get in the car not knowing the person in the seat next to you, but before long you will find yourself with a lifelong friend and business compatriot. 


The thing about road trips is sometimes they're not so comfortable. You have to overcome challenges and stay flexible. While the destination is important – in this case, developing your leadership skills – it is the journey that you will remember most. It is the journey itself that sharpens those skills. 

During this Road Trip you will...

  • Remember why you've chosen to be a leader. You'll connect back with your own North Star.

  • Learn the critical elements of Psychological Safety and how to infuse them in your organization.

  • Lock in your unique leadership brand.

  • Come to better understand today's work force.

  • Expand your breadth of leadership styles so that you can meet any situation the right way.

  • Improve your ability to communicate, handle hard conversations, and inspire your people. 

  • Practice your skills in a confidential, supportive environment. 

  • And you'll have some fun along the way.

The Leaders Road Trip is a virtual coach-led experience. We meet on Zoom once a week for one hour at a time. There will be a total of nine group calls, weekly peer coaching, and you will have individual coaching sessions with me. We’ll follow a Travel Guide that contains tools and resources. So we'll have a map. But, like any good road trip we also get to stay in the moment and take interesting side roads when they show up.

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