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Return of the roundtable.

The expression, "It's lonely at the top," is as relevant today as it's ever been. Leadership is difficult, especially when you have no one around who you can talk to. That's where Leaders' Hour comes in. 

Leaders' Hour is a new feature at Ed Stern Leadership and we hope it answers a demand we're hearing in the workplace. Leaders we work with are curious about how other people in shoes similar to theirs navigate the challenges of leadership. So what we're doing is bringing leaders together in small groups to support one another. You'll be put in with other like and (un)like minded leaders and your group will stay your group. That way you get to know one another, trust another, and lean on each other. 

You'll meet on Zoom (and occasionally in-person) every other week for 45 minutes. Your facilitator will bring a topic to discuss and we'll also clear the decks for any urgent matters you might bring to the table. It's a chance for leaders to be with other leaders to talk best practices, to share observations, and to coach one another. Reach out and we'll find a group for you. 

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