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Future build.

Whether in person or virtual, our workshops are designed to be highly interactivity and provide a healthy mix of tools and realistic context.

Emotional Intelligence

By now it's no secret that the secret to being an effective leader is to continue growing emotional intelligence. In this workshop, we look at the four main quadrants of Ei, what they mean and why they matter. Most importantly, we'll highlight ways your people can increase their Ei, even if they're already pretty good at reading and managing themselves and the room. We'll use the resource Emotional Intelligence 2.0, which will also give everyone the opportunity to take an online assessment and gauge their own Ei.


Managing Multiple Priorities

In this workshop, we use various tools to support your team in getting clear on the two most important factors in managing priorities. The first is recognizing and declaring what, exactly the priorities are. We think we know these but it can be surprising how rocks get confused with pebbles and sand. 

Once priorities are determined, the second task is staying focused and not becoming distracted by a to-do list that seems to keep getting longer. 

This workshop will reduce scope creep, increase mindfulness, and help everyone build better habits

Psychological Safety

In this workshop, your team will recognize what it means to have a psychologically safe work environment and, most importantly, learn and practice the behaviors that create this kind of culture.

Don't equate safety with peace and harmony. Teams having high levels of psychological safety and trust are able to handle conflict better than teams where trust does not exist. The most effective teams are able to surface different perspectives, disagree, and have difficult conversations. And, truth is, we need conflict to innovate and improve. 

So, get safe, then get going.


The Power of
Peer Coaching

There are many ways colleagues can support one another in achieving individual and team goals. Tools such as mentoring, teaching, and advising have their place. So does coaching.

In fact, when working with people who are resourceful, capable, and creative, one of the most powerful tools is peer coaching. In this workshop, your team will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of supporting one another. And, they'll get plenty of practice. 

In many forward-thinking organizations, peer coaching has become the staple practice that produces results. 


The reason we call this workshop "21st-Century Leadership" is because leading effectively today takes very different skills than leading even just a few decades ago. 

So much has changed so quickly and the speed of change is only going to get faster. With more diversity, hybrid work, technological breakthroughs, global forces, and...well...the list goes on, leadership is no longer about being the smartest person in the room. It is about being flexible, empathetic, communicative, open, and emotionally intelligent

This workshop is for everyone, whether you've been in a leadership role for 30 years or you're just beginning your journey.


Custom Workshops

Every workshop at Ed Stern Leadership is tailored to your organization and your needs. None more so than a workshop we design exclusively for you. 

Let us know what's going on, what you want to make happen, and we'll design a program to deliver results

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