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At ESL, we offer a series of 3.5-hour workshops designed to give you new tools, perspectives, and concepts to bring into your world. The workshops are virtual and and we keep the groups small to maximize interpersonal connection and learning. 

Emotional Intelligence

By now it's no secret that the secret to being an effective leader is to continue growing your own emotional intelligence. In this workshop, we look at the four main quadrants of Ei, what they mean and why they matter. Most importantly, we'll highlight ways each of us can increase our Ei, even if we're already pretty good at reading and managing ourselves and the room. We'll use the resource Emotional Intelligence 2.0, which will also give you the opportunity to take an online assessment and gauge your own Ei.


Managing Priorities

The approach we take in this workshop is different than what happens in most time management discussions. We'll quickly look at some best practices and then we'll slow down and explore things from a bigger picture. We'll lean heavily on the work of Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, who encourages us to give up trying to do everything and instead to focus on the few things that truly matter.

Easier said than done, but doable.

Personal Brand

Yes, the idea of personal brand has been out there for some time. But, perhaps, it's never been harder to keep control of our own brand. We know our brand isn't what we think it is, it's how others perceive us. And while we shouldn't worry too much about what others think, it does serve us to live our lives in a way that makes it easier for others to see who we are. In this workshop we'll take a very hands-on approach to managing our brands, looking closely at the places we are seen and heard. 

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